Washington Analysis, LLC (WA) …
…is a top-rated independent institutional research firm specializing in identifying risks and opportunities across asset-classes emanating from courts, Congress, and regulators, at both the state and federal levels.

WA strives to be predictive in separating headline risk from fundamental changes that have a more pervasive and lasting investment impact. We also keep an eye towards identifying the non-consensus view and look to correct widely held misperceptions whenever possible. In addition to our written research product, we provide bespoke research services and access to policy events and calls.

Founded in 1973, personnel at WA have been with the firm for an average of at least ten years. This stability among the research staff is complemented by a unique institutional expertise in our niche coverage areas, with many WA professionals possessing relevant career experience on both Capitol Hill and Wall Street.

The Washington Analysis macro and sector teams bring a singular blend of policy and financial career experience to bear on the investment decision-making process facing our clients. With this valuable dual perspective, we understand both our field of expertise and the needs of our professional investment management clients.